Switched off — 4 Comments

  1. Go out for a walk in the rain. Look up and let the rain splash all over your face.
    It is fecking lovely. No rain in the world is like rain in Ireland. Folk all over the World would pay for that. And when it stops, as it always does, you can see forever through the clear washed air, and take a deep breath and smell that fresh grass with a hint of cow shit.
    Then stuff your pipe, fire up and just be glad you are not beneath the sod.
    Then go back indoors, pour yersel a Christian measure of your favourite dram, sit in your favourite chair and think of a reason to whinge.
    Or you could just switch on telly and watch some shite.
    The choice is yours.

    • The first part of that just sounds very wet!

      The second part though is more to my taste. Strangely enough though I can’t think of any reason to whinge……

  2. Yup, definitely time to un-fuck your knackered self. Strange how the older you get the more often one needs to do this.

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