Pipe dreams — 5 Comments

  1. The problem is that speed is a binary, a vehicle is either within or outside the limit and it’s now a techical doddle to measure/prove.
    Unlike careless driving or merely driving inappropriately to the condtions, which are subjective and can be debated.
    Although speed cameras never make roads safer, they do make lots of dosh for the operators and also the insurance companies, who then have an excuse to up the premiums.
    Wonder who gets the back-handers from that channel? Just askin’ . . .

  2. You also need to consider that some accidents are caused by idiot pedestrians not paying attention, looking at their phones when crossing the road. And it’s pure luck at times: if I’m going marginally slower, the idiot will be across the road by the time I get there; if I’m going marginally faster, I’m past them before they’ve stepped out.

    As ever, so much of this is about fining people and raising money.

  3. Watch out for deer crossing the road too! The usual issue is that if you see one, there’s probably another…

    Just down the road from here, a speeding driver hit a deer head on, and the two cars belting along behind him bashed into his rear as well! Deer do make an awful mess of your car, but to hear drivers screaming away down the hill at all times of the night, I know that one day, there’ll be a huge prang, but plenty of venison for all!

  4. Electric vehicles can cause accidents too, just by their nature. There were electric trolley buses in Belfast right up to the 1960’s. Apparently they got the nickname ‘Whispering Death’, because so many pedestrians walked out in front of them. Surely the increase in EV’s on the roads must be causing a similar problem? Perhaps they will ban those as well, or perhaps we will all be compelled to wear bubble wrap suits to protect us from ourselves?

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