The end of the tether — 7 Comments

  1. I’m convinced our dog knows what he’s doing when he pisses and shits ‘in the wrong place’. They’ve evolved to train humans to act as their toilet attendants – clever animals!

  2. Our Lily often wees on the carpet, because she hasn’t been out late at night, so it’s really my fault!

    Last evening, I made a special effort and we got out around 9.00pm, and so far as I’ve checked, it seems to have worked…

  3. Hope Penny does not have an infection. We have wood and tile floors and washable rugs because most dogs pee and poop inside.

    • Welcome Tanya! Yes, Penny did have a kidney infection a while back. She went on a course of antibiotics which cleared the infection. She has been tested since and got the all clear. Sadly we all reckon the current “lack of house training” is just down to dementia. I didn’t realise that dogs could go down that path but apparently it’s not that uncommon.

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