I fall for it every time — 2 Comments

  1. Beware the second Tuesday of the month, usually mid-afternoon onwards in Europe – it’s the Windows monthly update day. Always have plenty of non-IT tasks in stock to fill the unproductive hours it can take.

    Never tested it but the ‘Don’t switch off’ message can’t be absolute – if a desktop PC suffers a mains power-outage during an update, the system must be able to accommodate that and recover. Any competent IT professionals would anticipate that common event and design it into the process. But then it is Microsoft . . . .

    • Hah! It must be a year or more since I last had an update – I usually run Windows with the wifi disconnected for that very reason. Yesterday I finally managed to get it to reboot whereupon I got the black screen with the message along the lines of “Do not switch off; system updating”. I left it for half an hour and then did some research [on my smartphone]. I immediately came across a site with steps to get beyond this. I tried Ctrl-Alt-Delete – nothing happened. Their second suggestion was a hard reboot. That certainly worked, and I got back into Linux. I daren’t try Windows again in the immediate future. I’ll try it again in a year or two.

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