Coincidence? — 8 Comments

  1. No worries spontaneous combustion of diesel car happens all the time said fire officer at Luton.

    • Of course! Why didn’t I think of that?

      Though it doesn’t explain why trains, planes or lorries aren’t affected? Or those new e-scooters? Oh,,, Hang on….

  2. EV = Exploding Vehicle or is it an Electric one? It’s hard to tell with media manipulation everywhere now.

    • The Luton case wasn’t electric, it was apparently a diesel Range Rover – however, a model which had been subject to a safety recall six months ago due to the risk of spontaneous combustion . . . . .
      But how many of the other cars in that car-park were electric and what did their resultant ignition add to the sum of the overall damage? Once electric cars catch fire (for whatever reason), they’re virtually impossible to extinguish until they’ve burnt themselves out.

  3. Vídeo of the early stages of the vehicle in the Luton fire would suggest that the vehicle was a hybrid and the fire started in the lithium battery. That said, if it were a diesel only then it could be the fault of system which provoked the recall. This apparently collects soot particles in the exhaust and burns them off at a later date to clean out the filter. I mean, what could go wrong?

    I want my next car to be a reconditioned VW Beetle circa 1970 or a Morris Minor of about the same vintage.

    • The party line is that it was a diesel, which means that any milk float fire can now be classified as “fake news”.

      Video footage is the only evidence available presumably. Otherwise they actually found the burned hulk responsible and did a proper forensic investigation?!

      Looking better for milk floats with each passing day: no range problems; so easy to charge from so many points; cheap; easy to insure, and now confirmation that they don’t catch fire.

      Where do YOU get one?

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