A painful regret — 7 Comments

  1. But you are doing good by warning others.
    It was only Leggy’s educated, experienced advice which confirmed my own nagging doubts and led me to avoid the mRNA jab, for which I will be eternally, well to the end of my days, grateful.
    What amazed me was that when the first time, I forget when, I was offered both flu and Covid jabs the medical jabber man was not at all surprised when I said no thanks to the mRNA concoction. I got the feeling that people kind of suspected that something was not quite right.

    • I have been offered the Covid jab several times since then and each time I have refused. Each time, Doc has never raised an eyebrow. Like you, I got the impression that refusal was commonplace.

  2. I got a dose of shingles before the China Flu took the world by storm (June 2019). PHN was starting to fade when I got the first jab and the second as I wanted to travel. The PHN came back with a vengeance and to this day it comes and goes. I dodged the third dose and will never have another. Jo Nova has a short video up on the safe and effective clot shots.

    • I hadn’t come across Jo Nova before. There’s a lot of [scary?] stuff to read there. She’s quite prolific?

      • She was one of the early voices crying in the wilderness about the insanity of Global Warming, I mean Climate Change, no sorry Global Boiling.

  3. In the early days of Covid anyone can be excused for having the jabs, the sheer weight of fear propaganda being so strong and no available critical analysis, so don’t beat yourself up about having early jabs.
    Since then, the emerging evidence on both the limited fatality-level of Covid and the clear negatives of the vaccines indicate that, for reasonably healthy people, the vaccine risk now heavily outweighs the Covid one, so further injections of the dodgy fluid don’t make sense to me.

  4. Can I all ask you a question?
    How come we of all people know the MO of the WHO, and still so many didn’t recognize it in time to avoid the jabs?
    I mean this as an honest question!

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