Taking a Comfort Break — 4 Comments

  1. “I don’t care if it’s a little shabby. Maybe it could do with a clean. It probably smells of pipe tobacco and old farts. It’s comfortable and it’s mine!”

    Coincidentally, those are the exact words Herself used to describe you.

  2. “The arms are wide enough that I can have all my stuff to hand – tobacco, lighter, pipe-knife, pen knife and stuff like that. They all lie comfortably on the arm of the chair.”

    It sometimes occurs to me that over the years, I have spent nearly as much cash on pipe tools, tobacco pouches, lighters and such as I have on the pipes themselves.

    • Hah! Indeed. I have a grand collection of lighters, a few pipe tools and of course pipes. I would be hard pressed to say which I spent the most on. It’s probably a tie between pipes and lighters.

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