When white is black — 8 Comments

  1. Being black, like what sex you are, is just a state of mind nowadays!
    In the race to the bottom of modern identity politics, you get points for the number of “minority’s” you can claim. The higher your total, the more disadvantaged you are, and therfore more worthy.

  2. Get your eyes tested, Grandad, or buy a new telly! I could see at a glance that the young lady is black, disabled, Muslim, and a gay, trans Lesbian. What’s the matter with you?

  3. If that’s ‘her’ truth then no-one must question it, or even exhibit the slightest surprise.
    I think that’s how things work nowadays, anyway. Or something.

    • Yes,the eyes give them away. And, if they’re American, the outsize spectacles they favour. Those shriek ‘Cluster B Personality Disorder’.

  4. Hold up there grandad.

    With a few exceptions those being the deep south, New York, and Maine; Americans don’t have an accent.

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