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  1. Grandad, you have just earned yourself a visit from the new Garda section that will no doubt be setup to protect our betters.

    That being said, the ESB is separate to Electric Ireland who actually sell the stuff. And don’t forget, for those of us who don’t have lucrative state backed pensions (cough, cough) have to rely on private pension whose funds are invested in those companies. We definitely don’t want them taxed more just for the pols to splurge the money getting themselves reelected.

    • I doubt any special unit will be interested in my little brainfarts.

      You’re right about the ESB of course. It gets so difficult to keep track of all the suppliers.

      Taxation is about to take a downturn as there are elections in the air, except of course baccy and cigarettes which will continue their annual climb. I sincerely hope my pension minders have invested in tobacco and pharmaceuticals!

  2. 2.5K of any Western money isn’t going to buy much. Which is good. Personally, I feel that if they feel under threat then they may actually start to take our views into consideration. Not everyone can be protected like the PM. I’m personally surprised that it has taken so long for some of the more volatile citizens to do something. The things that have been done to some have made me expect a backlash but nope. Nothing so far.

    I love winding up my US colleagues. Why do you need 2A? It’s when the government turns against the people. Duh! Look at the last few years…. Nothing so tell me gain why you have it?

    They know I’m winding them up. It’d be much, much worse if they didn’t have it.

    • There actually have been quite a few protests aroud the country including some arson attacks. Most have been by the anti immigration lot, but also some about the gubmints attitude regarding the gender issue. The demonstration this time hit the headlines because the politicians were directly impacted. Burn a building down but don’t shout at a politician!

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