Creating a stink — 8 Comments

  1. You really love that bitch.
    If only we could all receive the same care as we go into that good night.
    Rage, rage.
    You are a lovely man.

    • I do love the bitch [both of them]. She has the strangest personality of any dog I have known. She is full of weird little quirks and routines and is quite the most loyal and trusting animal. I have never seen her wag her tail and she tends to show affection by poking us with her nose. I frequently get a little poke on the back of my leg when I’m standing in the kitchen just to let me know she’s there.

  2. Intrigued by the phrase “whack out the Dyson”. Is that some colloquial Irish euphemism for self-pleasure? Sounds like it. If it isn’t, it should be.

  3. I seem to recall that someone altered a Hoover pipe for that very reason, MudP!

    I’m sure our dog pops one out most nights, or the marks on the carpet are from my muddy boots, but no end of shampooing ever gets rid of it!

    • “Honestly doctor, I accidentally fell down the stairs while naked and happened to land on the Hoover nozzle.”

  4. ‘Domestic’ Sodium bicarbonate is only available in small quantities and is relatively expensive. Can one buy less refined sb in larger quantities – have you investigated?

    • It’s cheap enough and the local shop sells it. I suppose I could order larger quantities elsewhere but is it worth the bother?

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