Enjoying both summers — 4 Comments

  1. It was in these Summers that I appreciated the traditional Irish farm half-door a few decades ago.
    And it was not just for keeping the chooks out.
    A fire had to be kept going because that is how food got cooked and water made hot.
    So a seat by the door was a boon.
    Also when a downpour happened on a sticky, close, day, it was a joy to see the rain stotting off the cobbles.

    • Indeed things haven’t changed that much over the decades. I do remember long hot summer days and I also remember staring out at the pissing rain.

      “Stotting”! A lovely word that hasn’t crossed my path before. I must add it to my rapidly diminishing lexicon.

  2. It’s all that climate change stuff according to the biased news, but they may have got it wrong.

    Last year a maximum temperature of 40C was reported in the UK. This year the maximum is 33. By my reckoning that’s a reduction of almost 20% in only one year, I’m now crapping myself about global cooling, at that rate we’ll be in another ice-age in a decade or so.

    But then all those earlier ice-ages came and went as the planet’s climate changed without any interference from internal combustion engines or fossil-fuel power-stations, so I’ll just stock up on woolly jumpers and heating oil and I’ll survive. Ramp up the CO2 output, we’re going to need it.

    • For the last while every news seemed to mention [in funereal tones] that such and such a record may possibly be broken. It was surprising that some of the previous records dated back to the 60s or 70s?

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