Russian Indians — 5 Comments

  1. I was living in Catford when the news broke that our local chippy was infact some UN-indicted African Warlord on the run…so yeah I have no problem believing your Pizza Excess Employee of The Month is him.

    • Welcome back!

      My friend last night was remarkably laconic. He thrust the bag of goodies at me and muttered something about it being paid for already [I knew that as I had paid on the phone]. Then he legged it. No sign of any weapons or anything. I must check my CCTV sometime…

  2. I worked with a couple of Russian chaps. They were big lads as well – the humiliation I felt when struggling to carry a steel plate, only to have one of them lift it from me with one hand and carry it for me. Real genuine lads that I’d do anything for but they would laugh (not in a nasty way) about my size/build (for example they said I bought my overalls from Mothercare) and mothered me all the time. I learned a few Russian phrases for them so that I could barely communicate in their language. Basically it consisted of ‘dobryy utro’ (good morning), ‘dobryy vecher’ (good evening), ‘paka’ (see you later) ‘zdrasvetye’ and ‘privyet’ (both mean hello) and ‘dos fidania’ (goodbye). The rest was a mixture of made up sign language and broken English. I can say through experience, that Poles, Slovaks and especially Romanians are typically nowhere near as loyal to their friends. Most of my own (English) friends class me as a Putin apologist but I wear it as a badge of honour.

    • Personally I have nothing against Russians whatsoever, not that I know many [i.e. none]. The only experience I have is of the Ukrainians who now seem to outnumber us locals. They seem friendly enough but keep somewhat to themselves. I suppose I would hang around with any Irish if I found myself suddenly dumped in Ukraine?

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