In which I am going to be pumped with foam — 7 Comments

  1. A good mood!? You’re mot used to that kind of thing. Quick! Find something to piss you off–hurry!

  2. On the contrary, my mot is indeed used to that sort of thing. I blame the amount of junk she has on her bedside table.

    Are you trying to piss me off with lots of comments? Nah!

    • I swear I only posted my comment once. And I’m a bit confused why this “reply” comment box came up way at the bottom of the other comments instead of below your comment. I must be a bit of a site jinx today or something?

      • Heh! You did actually comment twice. The site accepted both as there was a difference between the two [mot/not].

        WordPress seems to have made a change to the comment layout in that a reply frame will now appear at the bottom, but once posted it will pop up to the correct place.

  3. If you’re in a good mood now GD you soon won’t be. This work isn’t free, its a gov grant that you are entitled to, but instead will go to the companies that do the work. Expect extremely poor workmanship and a damp problem caused by the cavity insulation. Foam will bring water through like a sponge. How do I know this? Council contractors, or put another way, private companies paid by the council, who they are usually ripping off. When our house had new upvc windows some years ago, plastic trims were used to cover the cavity, held on with silicon sealant. Trims and window boards didn’t fit, there were large gaps which were also filled with silicon. In fact, they were pumping half a dozen tubes of the stuff into each window. Over a few summer/winter cycles this stuff begins to let go and you have force 10 gales coming through. Same kind of work with heat pumps etc. The company doesn’t have enough fitters to fulfill the council contract so in order to get it they recruit untrained, unskilled workers. Still, it will look like a good job for a few days, or until a trained eye takes a closer look. It’s still to your advantage to take the windows if what you say about the state of the old ones is accurate, but if it were me I’d forego the insulation. Hope I haven’t pissed you off.

    • I know well that I have paid for this and am still paying. It’s nice to get some back though. The main jobs that interest me are the replacement of single glaze windows and insulation cladding on the back wall. I might even tell ’em to hold off on the foam as the main room [with cavity walls] is pretty good at retaining heat.

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