In which I invent Radar — 5 Comments

    • I have a ramp to allow wheelchair access to the back door. Penny hates that too as it’s metal and she doesn’t like walking in it. She’s a fussy bitch to the power of ten.

      • I think therein lies your problem GD. Maybe Penny rules the roost, as they say. My daughter has a French Bulldog and she’s had to have a gate fitted across the stair door to stop him from running upstairs and pissing on the bed. He also humps people’s legs. These are signs of dominance, and to get good behaviour you have to think like a dog and become the alpha. Establish boundaries and make sure the dog knows who the boss is. I know that Penny is somewhat infirm but still, from your description she should be quite capable of taking herself out for a piss.

        Daughter has two dogs, the aforementioned Frenchy and a Staffy bitch. She is the polar opposite of the Frenchy, just 6 weeks old when they had her in 2010, well behaved, intelligent and I love her to bits. Her one fault is that when they both go out into the garden, the Frenchy takes a shit and she runs up and scoffs it. That’s perfectly normal IMO, females do this in the wild to clean their pups and she was spayed at an early age so never had a litter. The Frenchy came a couple of years ago as a very troublesome 2 year old so she sees him as her offspring. Between them they drive my daughter nuts, but then she never listens to what I say.

        By the way, piss glows in the dark under the light of a UV or Black Light torch.

        • I think there is more than a grain of truth there. Time to reassert my authority. I believe one of the ways to do this is to unsettle the dog by moving things around such as her feeding dishes. Also I’m firing her out the door more often than she wants. She is getting a bit pissed off and the lakes are reducing in volume.

          I hadn’t heard that one with the UV light. Blood and piss? Makes sense.

          • Here’s another tip that you may not already know. The floor you are worried about, is it varnished or just waxed? If its warping then piss will get underneath, turn into a syrup and make the place stink. Anyway, the best way of dealing with piss spillages is, after you have wept it up, smear shaving gel over the area and leave it for a while, then scrape it up with a squeegee and wipe dry. Try to see if you can force any gel in between/under the warped boards. If you go over the area with a UV torch after, you will see no trace of piss. And the room will smell nice. Works best on hard floors but walls/tiles as well.

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