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  1. People of coliur outnumber people without colour in all adverts be they print or video. I think a message might being pushed but can’t be sure.
    Nuclear war or even war itself holds no fear here. Mainly because the nuclear bit of the bombs qnd missiles is very difficult if not impossible to force into going bang.
    As for the ruskies apparently they are poorly trained, ill disciplined, underpaid, incompetent and in the same breath defence anyalysts tell us we have our five nuclear powered attack submarines and a dozen worn out anti eubmarine frigates to protect us from attack by the incompetents.
    Its all bollocks and its bad for yah!

    Irelands fleet is tied up, not enough crew apparntly save for one ship is on patrol somewhere flying the EU flag. I wonder why the defence forces dont encouraage those who throw their passports away at Dublin qirport to join up qnd solve the manpower issue.
    Perhaps they afraid of the water.

    • Forgot to add The West is Chinas export market so it makes zero sense for them to attack any western country.

      • They seem to be moaning a lot about the South China Seas and Taiwan? I’m not that bothered about Armageddon anyway as our winds mostly blow in from the Atlantic. Unless someone bombs that, of course….

    • Forgot to mention – The Irish Navy used to be advertised as the only navy in the world where you could go home for dinner.

    • Also forgot to mention – we recently bought two “new” navy ships from New Zealand [support your local trader?]. Both ships were delivered recently on board one cargo ship. In other words we got two second hand overgrown lifeboats that couldn’t be trusted in the open ocean.

  2. Over here it’s referred to simply as ‘project fear’.
    Mainly it’s only leftists who believe any of it, and they are slowly working their way towards the moment when everyone else rebels and they have to retire and begin again.

    The rest of us simply don’t believe a word of it.
    As they will no doubt soon discover!

  3. You took the words right out of my mouth. Makes me hope I don’t live till 90. I never seem to what’s going to happen next to screw my idea of reality as it is.

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