Wrestling and fencing — 2 Comments

  1. I’ve put up/repaired those welded wire fences myself. One time the guy/friend I was working for ended up going having to go to the dentist for an emergency appointment the day we were supposed to repair that kind of a fence (a goat yard). I told my friend I’d try my best to do the repair alone even though the state of the fence really required two people to fix. I ended up doing the job quite easily with the help of a very unusual partner–a very pregnant nanny goat. The fence was squashed down plus the stakes needed to be reset. Resetting the stakes was easy but pulling up the fence while holding down the bottom with my foot was a bit too much for just one person.

    A nanny got to the rescue.

    She had been following me around anyway watching what I was doing so when I put my foot on the bottom for another go she leaned her weight up against the fence so it became easy to reattach it to to the top of the stake. I was able to repair the whole fence with a nanny goat as a partner. When my friend returned the fence was repaired and I was sitting on a lawn char eating a ham and cheese sandwich the customer made for me.

    • That is brilliant! It’s a pity no one filmed it. It would make a fortune on YouTube….

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