Misinterpretations — 7 Comments

  1. I worked in Athens in 2004, it was often 40C and hit a high of 45C one day. I said to my Greek colleagues about the heat, they replied – ‘its summer, it gets hot’ ! The weather problem that was all the news was the amount of dust blowing over from the Sahara, not the heat.

    • Maybe 45C is a lot hotter than the old 45C? Inflation and all that. I blame the EU.

  2. I don’t think that Ireland was included in St Swithin’s exclamation here, that if it rained today, we’d get forty more days of rain…

    Maybe you just didn’t get lucky when he poked his head out the door!

  3. It’s Worse Than We Thought ™, Grandad. They’ve given it a name: The Cerberus Heatwave. That’s the name of the vicious three-headed dog in Greek mythology, who guards the gates of Hell to prevent the dead leaving. Must be Really Bad.

    • Are they giving it a name every time the sun shines? And what exactly is this heatwave? In my book it’s the old reliable sun and a lack of clouds. Has the sun suddenly become a lot hotter in the Med?

  4. There was a time when the weather never made the news except on very rare occasions. Now if the sun shines or there’s a drop of rain, it’s all naming the deadly phenomenon and issuing panicky alerts. We’re under a constant Yellow Alert here this weekend – it’s dangerous showers of rain or something. Now we have to be warned about rain?

    Looking out the window, it does look a bit wet. The trees are blowing around a bit. WHY ISN’T THERE AN ALERT ABOUT THE DANGEROUS WIND????

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