Going all foreign — 8 Comments

  1. Coolest, grumpiest and greatest 😉 And no, i’m not Ludmilla from Moscow hahaha

    • “i’m not Ludmilla from Moscow” – bugger. You win some and lose some…..

  2. Someone should have mentioned the flatulence.
    Something for others to survive.

    • In my [much] younger days myself and a few palls did a four week camping trip around Ireland. We existed solely on chips, baked beans and Guinness. Also we only had one pair of socks each. The air over the tent used to shimmer and softly glow.

  3. Grandad! My Dad was the engineer for Guinness Hop Farms in England, with a huge farm in Bodiam, Sussex, another near Sittingbourne in Kent, and yet another near Malvern, near Worcester!

    He managed all the new innovations in hop-picking exclusively for Arthur Guinness, like machines, oasts, gardens etc., and I sometimes worked for him on designs for the super-oasts for drying the hops and getting them to Park Royal in West London!

    You know my email address, if you feel like chatting further, just get in touch, as there’s a swathe of information on all this!

    I have Guinness in my veins…

  4. Yesterday, when visiting here, I got a “Server resources exceeded, try again later” or some-such. Must have been all the web traffic from Spain 😉

  5. My first Guinness was direct from my Mum in her womb. She was anemic carrying me, and her doctor prescribed a 1/2 pint bottle of Guinness a day as it was (an is) a good source of iron.
    I started drinking bottled Guinnes because its what my motorbike freinds drank, we would ride out to a country pub and drink a couple of bottles of Arthur Guinnes – Gettit ? Arthur Guinnes, half a Guinness ! Well we thought it was a great thing a 17 years old !

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