Podcast – 5 — 2 Comments

  1. Adiemus is stunning. I’ll look up Karl Jenkins and see what else he’s done. I’ve now included Adiemus in my Bookmarks.

    Karl Jenkins reminds me of Christopher Tin, an American composer. Iza Ngomso (Come Tomorrow) is beautiful-the same sweeping celebration as Adiemus. A favourite is Baba Yetu which he composed for a video game called Civilization IV, and it won a Grammy for it. If you feel inclined to listen to it, try the Stellenbosch University Choir version. It’s written in Swahili and you’ll never guess where he got the lyrics. There’s a clue at the end.

    • Karl Jenkins is quite prolific. He produced several CDs with the Adiemus Choir. He has also written pieces for the orchestra [for example “Palladio”] and an oratorio [“The Armed Man – A Mass For Peace”]. He is frequently played on Classic FM.

      I haven’t listened yet to the full “Baba Yetu” but will do. I love music from The Dark Continent.

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