When cash is king — 3 Comments

  1. But do you think that “Lessons will be learned.”?
    And then business as usual, but with more care taken to conceal the fuck-ups.
    Who or what finances RTE? And how?
    I have seen a picture of Tubridy. I can only think that he is an ex alter boy who has kept a diary. Which he keeps updating. Up dating, nudge nudge, wink, wink.
    How else would he have risen from the bottom up?
    No doubt there is a whole clique around him who are now shitting themselves via their well dilated arseholes.
    Is anybody running a book on Tubridy’s longevity?

    • In fairness, the new boss seems to be shaking things up a bit [he only started work today] and has already suspended the entire board. There have also been two “resignations” at top level – did they jump or were they pushed?

      I never had much time for Tubridy. As a presenter he can be quite painful to watch. I always get the impression he loads up with a few more lines of coke each commercial break. He is certainly not worth half a million a year or even a fraction of that. I can’t see him ever recovering from the current mess and his only real option is to leave. What’s more I can’t imagine him ever getting a job in the Meeja again and certainly not at his current salary.

    • “How else would he have risen from the bottom up?”

      Because shit always floats to the surface.

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