Time dilation — 3 Comments

  1. Don’t be modest.
    You facilitated Martin Scriblerus, nurtured Penny as well as hur indoors, given us an insight into life in your corner of the Emerald Isle.
    For all of which I am very grateful.
    Go on yer sel, big yin.

  2. Senora O’Blene and I haven’t been away since 2008, and we just love staying around our village, with the people we’ve known for over forty-five years! Our passports ran out over ten years ago! At this last break, (the Senora’s 60th), it was a week in my business partner’s cottage up North, we could take our dog and walk for miles in lovely landscapes, but the embuggeration of all those arrangements for going away just don’t seem interesting any more, so we stay here, take our dog and walk for miles in lovely landscapes in Kent, and enjoy tinctures in the garden!

    I suppose I’d like to re-live the other holiday we had six years before, when the restaurants of Italy took a battering, but since the family left home, the appeal has dwindled! Anyway, who’ll look after the garden, the forty-five tomato plants, the greenhouse, the flowers, the fruit bushes, the, the, the…

    Your map’s a great idea; we kept diaries for every holiday and still read them!

    And I bet I’m greyer than you!

    • I suppose the only reason I mention holidays is a small wish for a break of scenery. The main reasons I hanker after France are the weather [the heat is great for the old bones], the scenery and surprisingly enough, the driving. I just love driving in France. I’m not even quite sure why. Less traffic? Better roads? Better signage? Better drivers? It’s a hard one to answer.

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