By way of an apology — 7 Comments

  1. Well, at least you haven’t (yet?) dropped your trousers in the pharmacy and taken a shit on their carpet!

    • Hah! You got marked s spam because you mentioned the word “pharmacy”. AI at it again….

    • In their case, both.

      What’s amusing me is that they are all blaming the Director General. In the last two weeks she has in turn gone on leave, been suspended, been sacked and is now claiming she’s sick. Poor girl!

  2. Who cares about them above the ground floor anyway – your ramblings match many of my experiences – please keep them up (as well as your trousers!)

  3. Just you enjoy yourself auld fellah. And myself older than you! Schadenfreude is such a good word. I wonder that us outlander Celts, the folk that came up with “gobshite” “haughmagandie”, “spondulicks” and “bahoochie” did not come up with an equivalent.
    And your tales of overstressed leather and canine excrement is more interesting than listening to our waffling pollies.
    Funny that the Beeb is keeping schtum about the RTE shenanegins.
    And another thing. Dog shit, politely called “pure” was collected in pre industrial times for the tanning process of leather. So maybe it you had rubbed your belt with Penny’s gift your trousers would still be secure.

    • “Funny that the Beeb is keeping schtum about the RTE shenanegins.” – They have their own problems!

      And I’m still puzzled about the total disappearance of white dog shit.

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