Silence is golden — 2 Comments

  1. Do not be put off by the natural interruptions.
    The sound of a dog, household noises, chooks, etc. all add charm.
    And you will be recording it so you can just pause and/or edit out the odd fart.
    Just do not go all Smashie and Nicey. Well not often. You would have to buy one of those huge, T-bar, Thunderbirds style throttle type faders
    I see you more as a Whispering Bob Harris.
    Go for it.

    • The temptation to record a decent fart has been around for a while. It would make a great ringtone on the phone?

      Yes, Whispering Bob Harris would be more my style. However I have decided not You have to admit the response has been somewhat underwhelming?

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