The answer to the climate — 13 Comments

  1. I blame oxygen. Those nasty oxygen atoms pair up and grab a poor solitary carbon atom.
    Then carbon gets the blame.
    It is not a global carbon problem, it is an oxygen problem.
    The worst global warming gas is water vapour, dihydrogen oxide. See. Oxygen again.
    Dare I say that this is racism? Cos most carbon is black. Whereas no oxygen is dusky, brown, black or yellow.?
    The Greenies is racist.

    • Ah yes! Dihydrogen Monoxide. That evil chemical seems to crop uo everywhere. I wonder if the WHO know about it?

      And Greenies is cunts.

  2. Have these idiots never heard of the Carbon Cycle? Also CO2 is only 0.04% of the atmosphere. I reckon we could do with more CO2 for the plants. BTW CO2 levels increase AFTER it gets a bit warmer. They do not cause warming per se.

    • One of the very few facts I retained from my schooldays is the Oxygen/Carbon Dioxide cycle. Humans and plants effectively feeding each other. Maybe this Carbon Dioxide excess is the reason my garden has so many prolific weeds?

  3. Wouldn’t worry about it GD, A1, or whatever’s it’s called is going to annihilate the human race in 2 yrs.
    Ho Hum, there you go

    • Fair point. Why are we always doomed in the next couple of years? It has been that way for as long as I remember.

  4. More proof of the old adage that there are two types of statistics – those you look up and those you make up. The whole man-made climate change nonsense is populated by the latter.
    But those making them up have academic and political careers invested in their ongoing numerical bollocks, so it will continue until . . . . . Hell freezes over due to climate change, perhaps.

  5. But but but, thick politicians need some sort of handle like globule worming to keep their miserable existence in the lime-light!

    Any crap they can produce, with the backing of financially interested parties (who can see a quick buck at half a country-mile), means they get re-elected whether they understand the non-issue or not!

    The spreadsheet wallys love spouting their results which prove nothing so I blame Excel!

  6. As far as I am aware, the C02 is 0.04% of the atmosphere? Yet if the C02 levels fall to around 0.03% the plants start to die, at which point were all fucked aren’t we??

    • Gaia just goes back to GO. And slimey things. And maybe next time the Master Race will not be a self destructive bunch of wowsers.

    • Don’t worry, you Chaps, here, we’re burning as much as we can to keep Co2 levels as high as possible, especially new wood!

      I like the smell of Co2, it makes me feel as though I’m doing something for the planet, an issue which the ridiculous greenies think is wrong!

  7. I’ve been hearing this bollocks since George Formby senior was a lad. I’m wondering where the olive trees and orange groves are. I should have been living among them about 15 years ago.

    Don’t think Wicklow will be turning onto the O’garve quite yet either.

    • I was hoping they would build a marina down in the village. It’s only 200 feet above sea level at the moment.

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