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  1. I remember a childhood where in summer you could stay in the sea water on either a shingle or sand beach all day long. I mean from 11 am to 4 pm. Dinner, or lunch as we learned to call it, was optional. This is Scotland, mind. Then when older, repeatedly dive 15 feet into the sea, swim round to ladder, up and repeat.
    We would run bare foot all day long. Dogs were a luxury then.
    On the other hand winters were cold. Hoar frost on inside of windows. What pretty patterns. Creating “slides” of sheet ice on pavements to run up and slip along.
    Trains stuck in drifts higher than the engine chimney. Salt sea freezing along the shore.
    This Glowbull Warming is bollocks.I remember the 1952 1953 winter. Holland flooded. MV Princess Victoria sunk in hurricane. Not a present day namby pamby named “storm” – stiff breeze.

    • There’s a key issue in the climate change politics, it’s claimed to be ‘man-made’ – that bit is absolute, top-drawer, first-class, gold-plated bollocks.
      About 10,000 years ago there was an Ice Age, brought about when the climate changed, then the ice receded again, brought about by another climate change. The few examples of mankind present at the time didn’t have a single combustion engine or power-station available to them, and yet the climate managed to change all by itself, as it always has done and always will do. Pretending that changing human behaviour can have any effect on such cosmic forces is akin to King Canute proving impotent against the tides – do we never learn?
      Kids in school today are being brainwashed/terrorised that the planet will implode in their own lifetimes if they use a car or burn a bit of coal – that is both scandalous and devoid of true scientific reason. The planet will eventually implode anyway, but there f… all that we or any future humans can do to change that, it’s what planets do.

  2. This summer, I have come to the sorry conclusion that all my shorts have shrunk!

    Yup, the winter weather we have had up to a month ago means that my summer attire has become reduced in capacity, and I can no longer wander around my village without having people staring at the extender button I am foced to wear to enable the enclosure of such bodily items as bollocks and willy…

    It’s a sign of an ageing era, when maybe shorts are only for the garden, and visits to the shops and the hairdressers, (the gorgeous, voluptious Becky in closest attendance), may well be a thing of the past!

    I was discussing the issue only this morning with two delightful lady dog-walkers as we meandered through the woods, and while they were earnest in their desire to espy such a worrying spectacle, I made an excuse and left…

    (But I’ll see them again in a few days, so there’s life in the old dog yet)!

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