A failure in communication — 4 Comments

  1. Has she hidden something, like a toy or a bone, and can’t find it?

    Our Lily loves those rawhide bones, and reacts very oddly when given one, as she goes everywhere in the house, pretending to hide it, then pretending she’s found it, then eventually settling down to devour it!

    But I get the long unblinking stare just like you, and it’s just gorgeous…

    • It’s another of her “features” – she isn’t interested in toys or balls or anything like that. I used to try her out by throwing balls but she never showed any interest whatsoever. She had been given toys but they are all thrown out of her bed if we make the mistake of tidying them. She is almost the complete opposite to our previous dog who could spend endless hours chasing tennis balls or hiding tasty bits of food under cushions.

    • She is a very difficult animal to photograph. She is camera shy to the point of paranoia, and will duck and run at the mere sight of a camera so the one above is a rarity. I have loads of photographs of her but only when she’s asleep!

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