Restless — 4 Comments

  1. We’re having that blasting North East wind down here in Kent, and every morning I take the dog out early and get back freezing cold, so you’re not alone!

    It does improve during the day, and there’s some old wives’ saying about the timing of this wind, and how long it’s going to go on for, but quite honestly, I don’t give a monkey’s as long as I get at least some sunshine during the day…

    It’s cheaper than buying Vit D tablets!

    • It’s no so much a wind as a breeze and a light one at that, but it does carry a distinct drop in temperature. Get behind a windbreak and feel the heat!

  2. There is very little wind in UK. Witness the titchy amount of lovely green energy all those billions of English pounds’ worth of Danish and Chinese turbines are giving us. Sceptique, moi?
    My ancestors (my grand parents) worked the land in all weathers. When it was sunny they got brown. When the hair got thin they wore wide brimmed hats. Standard wear was long sleeved shirt and waistcoat. Winter, summer.
    Enjoy the sun. What are a few more facial wrinkles? A sign of increased wisdom.

    • I got myself a Tilly Hat and it’s a grand lad altogether. I wear it in the rain to keep dry and in the sun to shade my eyes. I never bother with sun ream. Mankind survived for thousands of years without it so why the big fuss now?

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