The end of an era? — 2 Comments

  1. Never had any use for Twitter and I still don’t. Besides, I could never figure out how it worked anyway. I did join Facebook way back when, when an old shipmate of mine from my old boat (submarine) emailed me and told me that a lot of my mates were on Facebook. I told Laurie and now were both on Facebook. I rarely if ever post anything myself but I do comment a bit. Laurie however has mastered the thing to a fault and has several friends including family members. I have a sister but she doesn’t understand computers and doesn’t care to learn. But she is a master smartphone user and can’t understand why we don’t have one (and never will).

    • I could probably count the number of my [non-automatic] tweets on one hand. Facebook is a foreign territory altogether. Herself is the FB expert and her cyber-world starts and ends there. I keep getting emails from FB telling me she has posted something or other.

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