Reductio ad absurdum — 6 Comments

  1. Grandad,
    Control, control, control.
    Here’s another for thought – while thought is still allowed.
    You know that green MP we have? Caroline Lucas? Well, she says that there must be no debate and no questioning of the climate change narrative. She also thinks that a differing opinion expressed in the media is grounds for state intervention.
    You’ll enjoy{?} the video tonight…

  2. I remind myself every once in a while, that I am at the age where I can look forward to my escape from the express train to Crazy Town. In the meantime; piss be upon them.

  3. So that is Irish comedy dead then.
    The grand thing about it is that it insults, mocks, everyone regardless. Mainly the Oirish race itself. If it is a race?
    It all sounds like a lawyers wet dream.
    Anything you own, say, do or even think will offend somebody. So the lawyers can pounce.
    Got a shillelagh? Are you mocking the Irish? Are you plotting murder? A revolution? An anti green campaigner.
    Only very expensive court cases will be able to resolve these tricky legal conundrums. Conumdri?

    • Your old Latin master will be spinning in his grave, the standard plural for a word ending in ‘um’ would be ‘a’, hence conundra. Write out 100 times, Amo, Amas, Amat, Amamus, Amatis, Amant.

      • How about “Whacko whackere waili sorebum” as a starter?

        Oh yus, I know my Latin, but Dooners may well be correct with his statement as an implicit secondary minor gerundive with irregularities in the third declension would be assimilated into the hugely popular “Dic had a duc with fer on its fac”…

        Have an ablative and tonic on me…

        • Interesting:

          GD’s post is about what is a kind of “enabling act” which means the Dear Government can now bang up inconvenient voices who say the wrong things (“wrong” as defined by the Dear Government). Not only that, but the perp will be guilty unless they can prove their innocence. The punishment is the process, and available *now* against GD and anyone else here who comes to the attention of any activist of “protected characteristics” who wants to be offended and victimized by same.

          And these comments are about Irish Comedy & Latin…

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