Thursday again — 6 Comments

  1. Why don’t you ask your pharmacist to supply your meds in Dosette boxes?
    Save your Thursday’s.

    • Hah! I tried that. She nearly blew a fuse. In fairness to the woman, she’s worked off her feet so will only provide the service if I loose both hands or am otherwise paralysed. It’s a boring routine but I can live with it.

  2. If you Google – or other search (tracking) bunch, for “Pill Puncher Blister Pack Remover Tablet Popper”, or similar there’s a whole display of ‘aids’ to help the un-welding process of pill extraction!

    They only cost a few quid, and are a godesnd when trying to do that many pills! The smaller pills tend to get a bit bashed, but on the whole, they do work pretty well!

    Many of my efforts often end up on the floor, but the dog no longer has high blood pressure, and she’ll never get pregnant again…

    • I often wondered if there was a tool but never bothered researching. Some of the pills are very delicate and they’re mainly the ones with the thickest suit of armour so I imagine that anything that would try to push them out would just mash them. My technique is to slice the packaging with one fingernail and then scoop them gently out with anther finger. I’m quite the master of that technique.

  3. We go through the same thing with my pills except my pill day is Sunday rather than Thursday (Laurie takes no pills at all except for the occasional aspirin, rotten woman). Laurie takes care of doling them out into their individual compartments in my pills container thingy as my memory has gone the way of some extinct thing. My pill count per day is about the same as yours so all is well there. Thankfully all my meds now come in bottles and not those damn sheets with permanently sealed pill compartments I had to pry off with a can opener.

  4. oday’s Thursday, today’s Thursday, Thursday is shephard’s pie
    Wednesday is roast beef
    Tuesday is soup
    Monday is washing day
    Is everybody happy? You bet your life we are!

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