Intolerance — 6 Comments

  1. Oi lived in the real cow country.
    Nothing improves your driving skills like coming to a blind corner and finding a good slick of cow shit, or using the polite term, slurry, on the bit of corner not seen until you are steering into the corner.
    No real country dweller minds the smell of cow shit or horse shit. The killer is pig shit.
    But, why not get a friendly farmer to have an “accidental” spillage on the corner nearest to your mansion. Water companies get away with it.I
    That will sort out the boy racers. A good jaggy thorn hedge also helps.

    • That is a damn good idea. There’s a sharp twist in the road on the way down which would be perfect for a drop of oil. There’s even a large solid granite wall to receive them… 😈

    • As a “retired” (got too old) Harley rider I found that that wet leaves is also a good solution for boy racers on their “rice rockets” during the Fall–especially on curves. Wet leaves were to be avoided at all costs for the more savvy riders (who never go blasting around anywhere).

      • I have actually had a slight rethink. Those boy racers all have one thing in common – the Greens would hate them. An enemy of my enemy is my friend?

  2. Yup, I’m pretty tolerant these days, except when I hear idiots with little cars and huge exhausts and their windows open playing (c)rap at full volume!

    • I have yet to discover the “tune” they play. It sounds like pure bass giving a rapid boom, boom, boom beat. I console myself with the thought of the years of tinnitus they have to look forward to.

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