Playing with colour — 3 Comments

  1. Being a Ukrainian refugee is a no brainer.
    If you are a real Ukrainian, and Zelynsky, and Sleepy Joe, and every elected and unelected leader of Europe has said they are going to fight to the last Ukrainian man (but not me, said Zelinskyy from somewhere else in Europe) why would you not flee into the generous arms of the European taxpayer.
    Plus, when this farago is over there is going to be a lot of unattached ladies back home.
    If you are not a real Ukrainian, it would be a shame to not let a bunch of fools virtue signal, and give you other people’s money. And homes. And food.

    • There is actually a bit of a problem here in Ireland with regard to refugees. Even before the Ukrainian war we had a housing crisis. Families are being evicted because they can’t afford exorbitant rents. Families are living with their parents because they can’t afford a house or rent. We now have something like 11,000 homeless families living in shelters or in some cases in their cars. So far this year we have taken in another 100,000 refugees and there is literally nowhere to put them. At the latest count, something like 600 are living on the streets of Dublin. Holiday accommodation has been grabbed by the gubmint as another place to put them all, and as a result the tourist industry is facing a crisis as visitors can’t find anywhere to stay.

      And the gubmint keeps saying that all refugees are welcome?

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