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  1. The parable of the mote and the beam comes to mind.
    You trying to keep warm is terrible. But them jetting about between multiple homes is a sacrifice they are willing to make.
    Meanwhile over to the East there are a few country’s with whole forests of timber stuck in their eyes.
    China, India and Vietnam are having none of this nonsense and are greatly increasing their already huge coal fired power generation.
    Maybe the virtuous West have devised a force field to keep those evil Eastern Carbon Dioxide molecules from drifting over here and cooking us.
    We are doomed, Ah tell ye. Doo-oomed.

  2. There no Global Temperature.

    I know they all talk about global temperature and stopping it rising by 1.5oC or whatever, but there actually is no such thing.

    Why? Because temperature is an “intrinsic” property of matter, as opposed to “extrinsic”: you can take a series of temperatures of different samples of matter and calculate the average, but that average (oC, oF, Kelvin or Rankine) has no meaning, except as a kind of hand-waving proxy for heat (Joules).

    Take a silly example: What is the temperature of a glass of gin & tonic? If I tell you that it was made from gin at 20 oC, tonic and lemon both at 5 oC and a lump of ice at-15 oC, what is the temperature of the whole? The “average” is 3.75 oC but the true answer is we don’t know. We don’t have the masses of each element, nor the specific heat capacities, nor the latent heat, nor any knowledge of the environment.

    Now try this with a planet composed of many different materials, with different specific heat capacities, water in three phases, gasses at varying pressures, one side sunny, the other dark, rotating, heating, cooling all at the same time… It has no “temperature” in any meaningful sense.

    And if it has no temperature, it is meaningless to discuss a future 1.5oC warming because that won’t exist either.

    The whole Global Doominess is underpinned by an unspoken assumption of temperature that just isn’t true. But they carry on regardless; nobody likes a show stopper because the show, and the money, might stop

    PS: as well as the article you link, hop over to / / / etc. for more info. is also good, particularly on the brokenness of science and “experts”.

  3. The BBC committed some (unintended) humour with their report on this yesterday morning. Some ‘expert’ was quoted as saying that temperatures would rise past the 1.5 degree level, but would probably drop below it again at times. What kind of a tipping point is that????

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