Expecting the unexpected — 6 Comments

  1. This may sound harsh, Grandad, but if it’s a disk, then can you get it chopped out?

    I had that done 35 years ago, and it changed everything!

    But I really do sympathise, it’s a horrible affliction…

    • In my case it’s just muscle pain, rather than nerve of skeletal. My problem is that in the course of the day I have to bend over a lot and frequently have to lift weights. And I know all about bending knees before lifting but generally that’s not possible. The remedy is simple enough – I just need to sit in my comfy chair for a while!

  2. I have no personal experience, but on the principle of “you never know.”
    Have you considered a kneeling chair. They get good reviews and there seem to be lots of choices.
    Some have attached work surface.
    Good luck. Thanks for what you do.

    • That would be a possible solution if my problem was sitting too much [I have no problem with that] as the problem arises as I move around doing things in different rooms. Cooking is a bugger as I have to bend slightly for the duration, and it’s the ‘prolonged’ bit that causes the problem. It’s just a fact of life combined with age. Actually I suspect it’s all down to age…..

  3. Sorry to hear life’s throwing things at you – there’s only a certain amount of ‘This, too, will pass’ stoicism one can manage to summon up at any one time.

    Re backs: the Spouse is a great advocate of hanging, so to speak, where you swing from an overhead bar for short periods a few times a day with or without light support from your feet (supposedly helps loosen vertebrae, though – disclaimer- I’m no medic and can’t answer for the efficacy). Any suitable tree branch or lintel would do, although the Spouse went all in and, having installed a hanging bar in the kitchen doorway, now dangles from it at intervals like the worlds’s worst door curtain.

    • That worked for me on the few occasions when I strained my back muscles.
      Usually by doing bending effort, digging, lifting, too early in the Spring before the Globull Warming kicked in.

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