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  1. It seems watching BBC etc that 50% of our population is now black, not even Asian. I guess it will be soon if they let many more in.

    • I have also noticed a significant increase [pardon the pun] in the girth of female participants. There is an ad on here for sanitary towels or something and it involves a [black] female with an enormous arse which is wiggled at us. The sight quite puts me off my dinner.

  2. Why does Guinness even have to advertise in Ireland?
    Is the Murphy’s sneaking in by not advertising, rather depending on common sense and taste?
    By the the way ‘n’ that, do the black actors have a nice creamy white head?

    • I honestly don’t know. I don’t listen to ads and normally let them pass in a blur so they may be advertising alcohol free Guinness or some such abomination

  3. Cotton Traders get my business beause their brochure has the correct ratio of ‘models’! Most of the other firms don’t and lose our business and goodwill!

    • I’m not that familiar with Cotton Traders [though I know we have bought stuff off them]. What is the correct ratio? Does it include all nationalities and the correct number of genders and body sizes?

  4. It’s not just in Ireland, down here in Australia apparently every second family is African American or African if the television adds are to be believed. What I find ironic is that Australians of Aboriginal descent are rarely included in TV adds!!

    • I blame that BLM thing. People are too scared now of being called racist so they have gone overboard to placate the Mob. Then they have to be PC when it comes to hhe gender crowd. Where will it end?

  5. I am not not usually in favour of regulations but a case could be made that the proportion of races shown in adverts should be in broady in proportion (+/- 20%) to that in the general populace.

    This could be based on what’s shown at prime time over several hours, not per advert. This would force the advert makers to give balance. It would also give non-black actors more jobs. This rule could be extended to all free TV.

    • Welcome Joe! I too am against regulation where possible. A far more effective solution is to just avoid the product that’s advertised?

      P.S. Are you the Joa Soap that everyone is talking about?

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