Donner und Blitzen — 9 Comments

  1. Spridlington is ‘just up the road from here’ We have had a few thundery showers this year. Usually, we get them in Autumn.

    • The only times I have experienced real thunder storms I was either in England [Somerset] or France. My neck of the woods seems to be immune.

  2. UK Met Office are going on strike next week.
    That’s a relief – there won’t be any weather.

    • No weather presumably means no wind or precipitation? You’re guaranteed a heatwave!

  3. “… I don’t care about them – they can look after themselves.” Dammit, Grandad; I live only forty miles away from Sprid, on the East coast and we could gave been blasted into the North Sea like Sodom and Gomorrah for all you care!

    • That was a compliment. I’m assuming you don’t need me to help you survive?

    • One thing you’ll quickly discover [if you haven’t already] is that Irish weather can be extremely local. It can be bright sunshine somewhere and a mile down the road it can be pissing rain.

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