Sweeping statements — 13 Comments

  1. True.
    The evidence that Coronovirus “vaccines” are harmful is now far stronger than that for smoking being harmful is conveniently shoved off the msm domain.
    But – reputations , money, ….. The rabble are picking up pitchforks and flares.

    • Don’t talk to me about that fucking vaccine. I still have the neuralgia it caused. I’m lucky I’m not dead. I think….

  2. The one that gives me the screaming ab dabs is: “Ït is what it is”


  3. My wise old dad’s mantra was ‘Believe nothing that you read or hear and only half of what you see’. That was long before PhotoShop etc, I suspect that 50% figure for visuals would now be somewhat reduced.

    • That was before the advent of AI. The percentage can now safely be reduced to zero.

  4. I am always amazed at the frankness of manufactures when they use the phrase “nothing is better than (_____________)” fill in the blanc space.

  5. My brain is not working at the moment so I can’t leave a comment. I’m going to see if electro-shock therapy will help. Now where are the jumper cables?

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