Another lesson learned — 7 Comments

    • They’re also handy if I run out of firelighters. That flame would melt steel.

  1. In my pipe days, I used a Ronson with a switch on the side, and could fill and light up a batch of Gold Block at 70mph on the Sevenoaks Bypass with ease! The flame was controllable somehow…

    Can you still get those chaps?

    • I haven’t seen them listed anywhere and I have done some fierce research on the subject in the past. I’m just sticking with Local Shop ones these days. Life is too short….

      • That’s a shame…

        As an old friend used to mutter while he struck a match, “It always tastes better from the wood”!

        That really is difficult at 70 mph…

  2. Bic disposable here. The flame is just the right size.

    I take it that the “new” armchair is now broken in with a few small burn holes.

    • The new furniture is for what might be termed “the parlor” i.e. the room that isn’t used except for special visitors such as the local parish priest. Seeing as I don’t know any priests and they don’t know me, it’s unlikely to be used for a while.

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