Discovering where I have been — 13 Comments

    • If they want to know where I go, where I shop and whatever else I do they can write to me [via my solicitor]. I will be only too glad to furnish them with redacted details.

    • Google (cunts that they are) are usually only doing it for commercial purposes, the government (the real cunts) are the ones we should worry about.
      Our every move is already tracked via the cell-infrastructure and, when aligned with ANPR data from thousands of covert roadside cameras and the associated vehicle registration system plus the facial-recognition tricks, they can pretty much reconstruct all your actions and movements whenever they want.
      Add to that their secret bases (so secret I can show you where one is) that intercept every single communication, voice or data, and analyse it with very smart software to identify any aspects of interest, then nowhere is safe or private from the interfering state.
      On balance I prefer Google, at least it’s occasionally useful, unlike those other devious cunts.

      • I wouldn’t worry too much about the gubmint. Whatever those twats in the Dáil get up to, they are guaranteed to make a royal fuckup of it.

  1. On PAYG too, but I just don’t buy data for my phone. For 1 thing, it doesn’t roll over like the phone so it only lasts a month. And with no data Google is stuffed.

    • I never bought data so far as I know. I just paid the one sum to keep the phone alive. In theory, if I make no phone calls then my credit should remain the same, though there is a limit of something like eighteen months when it will finally expire.

  2. Turn off mobile data, wifi, bluetooth, gps. Not only will you not get incur data charges but you will be amazed how much longer your battery lasts if you switch off these bits of hardware. My lovely but sadly obsolete Acer Z3 will do 2+ weeks between charges, including a few hours of calls.

    Also consider other providers. I’m paying a fiver a month GBP (SIM only, buy my own phone) including lots of call time, unlimited texts and reasonable data. Probably you can get similar deals in Ireland and probably also port your number between providers if you switch.

    And, yes – Google are Cunts (and Woke Cunts too).

    • Soon the WEF who control all government in the West will be forcing people to have only digital money. Then the really got you, if you upset the government they will shut down you access to your money.
      Thats what that prat in Canada done with the truck drivers.

    • I know Bluetooth is a fierce drain on the battery so I lave that switched off. However I have to remember to switch it on if I’m driving anywahere so it can blend with the car. Usually I forget and miss a call or two. GPS is disabled along with data [now every time I switch on the phone it complains about my data limitations]. The nly one that’s left on is Wifi as Daughter uses WhatsApp and it’s free.

  3. Being a ‘proverbial technical knee-high’, I didn’t even know of all this data stuff, so now I’ve got to check the details as you and helpful commenters have noted here!

    I seem to get charged quite a lot for texts, but they’re mainly by sending dog pictures to anyone who’s half-interested from our walks, and anyway, I bought £30.00 of PAYG nealy two years ago, and haven’t paid a penny since, so probably I’m not a data subject…

    …probably will from now on as I’ll do something stupid like turn the bloody thing on…

    • I just dicaryd a count on my phone – 117 applications would like to use data over the network. If I let them all loose, God knows what my bills would be [or how quickly I’d use any credit]. Scary?

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