Ah that’s Bass — 6 Comments

  1. Fabulous find there!

    Can I suggest you play the opening bars of ‘Instructions for angels’ by David Bedford?

    Mike Oldfield is playing the guitar solo in Worcester Cathedral, and after his customary jangling intro, he hits a note which reverberates for forty seconds, and has to be heard at a squillion decibels to make your hair stand on end and your teeth rattle!

    His piece kicks in after around 10 seconds, and from then on it’s complete bliss!

    • I did a spectrum analysis but unfortunately the analyser cuts off at 50Hz. I’d say it goes lot lower than that. Powerful stuff!

  2. Once upon a time when I was much younger I began putting together what I called my “sound machine”. At this point I have to explain that I love music. I absolutely love music. The universal language and all that. This search for pure “live” musical reproduction became an obsession of mine. Long story short, I managed to put together an impressive looking wall of high end sound equipment which included a very high end (and very expensive as well) pair of speakers–stereo being the big thing back then as there was no such thing as surround sound. This “wall” was made of separate pieces of equipment, no combined anything. We’re talking separate pre- amp and main amp etc and so-on. The amp itself had a switch on the back that cut off the bass at 10hz or all the way to DC. It could do it too.

    I had achieved my goal.

    Ah well, those days are long gone now as is my ability to hear music accurately. These VA provided hearing aids of mine are pretty amazing but one thing they can’t do is process music properly. And boy do I miss it.

    • Every now and then I like to cut loose and play a few tracks. I’m not one for background music [or any noise for that matter] and prefer silence normally but I would miss it. At least it drowns out the tinnitus!

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