Mars and Venus — 8 Comments

  1. Those colour problems you have are word for word what I had. Plus in my case I had forgotten what blue looked like. Anything blue–any shade–was gray.
    Then I had my cataracts removed and plastic lenses fitted.
    In my book it was a miracle. I recall a few tears of amazement and delight.
    For two months, until my second op– I played a great game–looking at things with alternate eyes to enjoy the return to normal.
    This may not apply to you of course but I enjoyed recalling it.

    • Before I was made permanent in RTE I had to undergo a thorough medical test. It was the same medical pilots have to do and in fact I had to go to the airport to do it. One of the many tests they did was to show me a series of dotted images of letters or numbers which were dotted in a slightly different colour. I sailed through them all except for the blue/green ones. It was the first official confirmation of my suspicions. It never bothered me but apparently I couldn’t have become a commercial pilot…..

    • She can soften me up as much as she likes. I’ll just tell her we’re broke!

  2. I’d be deeply suspicious. I think it could be the first stage in the traditional female strategy of Attack by Indirect Approach – seize the moral high ground. You’ll be sorry.

  3. As Frank says, these are diversionary tactics, of the type only women can muster!

    The kitchen is usually the next item on the agenda, followed by yet another sneaky feint/diversion to deal with the garden!

    I’d say your work/cost outlay has been pretty well sealed for the next three years!

  4. Ah, pay no attention to the preachers of doom. That is until you hear your beloved say, “You know, I was thinking…” . Only then should you be very afraid. Until that happens relax and enjoy your new furniture.

    • Nah! I’ve earned enough brownie points to last for years. She still can’t understand how I managed to pick the perfect suite she wanted. I never mentioned it was the first one I saw.

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