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  1. There must be a difference between owning a slave and owning a village full of serfs. Some smart are should explain it.

  2. One of my ancestors was Mayor of Manchester, so yes, they can all pay me a few splonders in reparation for this slur on my current existence!

    I’ll make a note to contact the little guy there, can’t remember his name – Livingstone? Rayner…nope…

  3. The earliest ancestor that I can claim to was Adam, the family he generated has a lot of shady stuff. But better keep quiet about that.


  4. The logical next step is to clear any ancient relics, such as the Colosseum and all the other historical ruins in Rome and a host of other cities and countries. Museums will be empty, and the tourist industry will be in tatters, but we will all be able to rest easy because any mention of slavery will be done away with.

    No, hang on a moment, there will be books to burn too, both the old ones by Tiro (he was Cicero’s slave), and of course any modern history books that may mention any culture that kept slaves. That of course means that New Grange, Howth, Stonehenge and millions of other monuments must be bulldozed too. And then we will have to stop using the & symbol, since Tiro invented it as part of his shorthand system. That of course is just for starters!

    Then at some point slavery will be a brand new idea, so how are we ever going to learn from past mistakes and stop history from repeating itself? There is lots of lovely cleansing work to be done.

    Actually, I’ve just thought; every Bible will have to be burned too. I’d better go now, there is so much to be done!

  5. According to my family tree (my father’s side of it anyway) I’m the last direct descendant of King Æthelbert of Kent. My father actually carried the name–his middle name that is. He spelled it Ethelbert simply because most folks don’t know how to pronounce “Æ” and the letter certainly can’t be found on a typewriter or word processor. My father however refused to saddle me with the name Ethelbert so I was christened with the middle name of Michael instead. Thanks dad.

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