You can exclude me — 5 Comments

  1. George Bernard 1856 to 1950 said ” the longer I live the more convinced that this world is been used by another planet as a lunatic asylum” what would he think now? We have men advertising women’s underwear. Parents bringing their children to disgusting drag shows. Children allowed to have sex changing treatment without informing the parents.
    Diversity jobsworths paid more the the PM of the UK, example Network Rail Diversity head on 164k a year PM 158k.

    • I thought we had descended into insanity some time ago, but had no idea how much further we have managed to descend with no bottom in sight.

    • I still drink Lyon’s tea but I miss those jolly little black characters who used to dance across our television screens.

  2. “inclusivity”
    What if you try to include someone and they decline, does this mean you have grounds to sue for discriminating against you?

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