Practicing patience — 4 Comments

  1. Sod the appointments, we’re sometimes waiting three-quarters of a sodding hour for the sodding pharmacist to bother to turn up at the shop and do the sodding job he’s paid to sodding well do…

    • Local Shop frequently sticks up a sign – “Back in ten minits” [their spelling]. Usually I carry on to the village, do my shopping there and on the way home there are still people waiting for the ten minits to be up.

  2. I encountered the furniture issue. A nice lady told me (in May of last year) that if I wanted the bookshelf I had ordered, it would not be available until October. Obviously sensing my bemusement, she added, we have stock that comes in from Vietnam twice a year

    • A few years ago, around January or February I ordered a lamp off Ikea. I got a nice email back thanking me for my order and saying it would be delivered in August. I thought it was a mistake, but it wasn’t!

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