The tale of a tail — 8 Comments

  1. You should not comb it out during the nesting season. I dread (maybe that is the origin of the name) to think how many tiny lives you have disturbed.

    • That is the one time they want me to do it. Nests lined with my fine hair are selling with a considerably higher price. I sleep happy with the thought of all those little nestlings snuggled down in their nice soft silky nests.

  2. Totally agree about beard. Mine saves me hours every week. While I still have all my hair, and I’m older than you, I prefer my hair short. It’s low maintenance apart from a cut every six weeks. And the grey is less obvious!

    • In its initial stages of growth the hair was a bit messy. The shorter front bits kept falling forward. Now all strands reach back to the tie and I never need concern myself with a barber again. Maybe I’ll cut a bit off the ends when I start tripping up on it?

  3. For some strange reason, my regular visits to a fabulous lady-hairdresser have stretched from six weeks to nine or ten!

    At seventy-five, I do have to wonder if I’ll finish up like the proverbial billiard ball, but family history and photographs show a certain decline in the thatch, but never a total loss, which is somewhat gratifying…

    I have found though, that the longer one japes with the haidresser, the more is taken off, such that Senora O’Blene laughs like a drain on my return from the lovely lady’s fond attention…

    • Yes, old family photographs are a grand reassurance. I always knew I was destined for a grand silver mane with just a little receding at the front.

  4. The rubber band, if that is what it is, could damage hair – perhaps that’s why you’re combing a lot out. Please try a softer hair band, as the fairer sex use, which might reduce losses.
    My beard becomes itchy if allowed to grow too long, so it gets a trim monthly.

    • I’m way head of you. WHen it first started growing long enough I bought a card of those stretchy fabric ones. They do tend to loose elasticity after a while and it’s nearly time to buy a new card.

      I have always had a dislike of rubbers.

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