Bloody tourists — 17 Comments

  1. And he complimented the Irish rugby team for beating the Black and Tans. The man is a moron.

  2. Yeah, we had the same tourist up here, preceded for days by strange men with hearing aids peering under every manhole cover, into every post box, and even inside lamp posts! They leave little seals on each of them. He doesn’t appear to be a bad little old man, but the disruption caused by his passing is amazing!

    Note I’ve used my nickname to end the confusion with the other Ian. Have a good weekend.

    • How come I don’t get the same treatment when I am about to visit somewhere? Do they not value my life?

  3. Meanwhile in the Ukraine how many non NATO fighters got killed?
    If Brandon had any nous he would know that he has been got out of his home country for a reason.
    I bet Doctor Jill knows.

  4. Your rambling tourist may indeed be in his senile dotage, but it seems that he’s the best the Democrats can currently offer.
    Given that he’s already 80 (albeit acting like a 90+ dementia case) they reckon he’s good for another four-year term as ‘leader of the free world’ and custodian of probably the biggest nuclear arsenal on the planet.
    If a nation of 350m people can’t come up with a candidate better than bumbling Begorrah Biden, then it says much more about the US political system than it does about him, Irish-blooded or not.

    • I’m convinced that there was a terrible case of monkey business going on in that election.

      It’s not the votes that count, it’s who is counting the votes that matters.

  5. It’s heartening to know that Kamala is fiddling around at home, and in charge of the US while the old chap wanders around a place where he will have something like 50,000 second, third, fourth etc., cousins!

    Has he got the red button with him, or does she have the key to the box next to her laptop?

  6. “He claims he’s Irish, but then so does every American.”

    Not me because I’m not–Irish that is. I’m made up of a bit of French, a bit of English, and the rest is all German Jew. And I’m not what you me call religious in any way, shape, or form. Guess that makes me a right mixed up old fellow?

    It could explain a whole lot.

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