Wokeification — 15 Comments

  1. Coming soon … sunflowers by Vincent van Gogh repainted; … too much racist yellow.


    • Mona Lisa to be described as “an early transsexual”.

      Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” to be buried under six foot of reinforced concrete.

  2. Would that be the current S&M version of Great Expectations where the Jaggers is black ? Pathetic isn’t it.

    • That’s the one. And young Miss Haversham [spell corrected to “Aftershave”?!] is black too. I’m not familiar with the original but does Dickens refer to slavery quite so often?

      • No he doesn’t Grandad ! But nowadays you have to have at least half the cast black despite it being historically inaccurate and them only being 5% of our population.

  3. GD, your use of the phrase “for God’s sake” is problematic. Apart from the fact that the use of the word “God” is in the singular and therefore might be offensive to polytheists, it is possible that it’s use could be taken as mocking persons of dyslexia or Spoonerists who might be referring to dogs.

  4. Thankfully I now live far away from all this WOKE BS.
    This WOKE stuff has turned into an protection racket, if you dont support the WOKE ‘religion’ we will have you loose your job.
    Everyone in the West is living in fear now if they speak out you will loose your job.

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