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  1. Grandad,
    Still hear it here all the time used by those below an age.
    The one that really grips me? I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone on the TV or radio, when asked a question, ever answer without starting, “Well,…” or occasionally, “So,…”
    Oh, and I forgot, ‘…so awesome!’ should’ve been ‘…so totally awesome!’

  2. “Every fucking thing was awesome”

    It certainly is on the US shows I watch. Mostly people building “Off Grid” log cabins & Tiny Houses. When the inevitable reveal to friends & neighbours occurs at the end of the show “Awesome” is THE most used word! However, I haven’t yet seen an episode where someone is brutally honest…

  3. I used to think that LOL meant Lots Of Love at the end of a message.
    OMG is used by people who think that “Well, fuck me.” is rude, whereas blasphemy is not a problem.
    The whole English language is buggered.
    We have problems understanding what Chaucer wrote 700 years ago.
    But now gay does not mean carefree. Wicked does not mean evil. Cool does not mean cold. Ultimate does not mean the last occurrence ever. Incredible does not mean not possible. A trannie is not a small radio using latest semi-conductors.
    Somebody who had awakened from a 30 year coma would be bamboozled.
    We need new dictionaries every five years, and they will not apply in five years.
    How do we refer to People of Colour this week?

    • “We have problems understanding what Chaucer wrote 700 years ago”

      I often visit old churches on my travels, and even a couple of hundred years ago the language could be very different. I shudder to think what today’s woke youngsters would think if they looked at a gravestone and saw a woman described as “Relict of John Smith”

      “A trannie is not a small radio using latest semi-conductors”

      I guess we are of a similar age! But if spelt “Tranny” it would have meant Ford’s best selling van…

      • Yes, I thought that about a Ford, M!

        Another word from the sixties was ‘hateful’, and a more recent one, ‘lary’, neither of which I am particularly ‘gutted’ about forgetting forever!

  4. To the best of my knowledge, my mind has never been blown, unless you count one episode in 1973. I’d elaborate but I really don’t remember that much about it.

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