So much for compatibility — 15 Comments

    • The problem with them though is that I probably have to wait a couple of months because I have accidentally ordered from China.

  1. What happened to the days when all phones came with a charger?
    I have so many chargers, they always out live the phones by ten years!
    It’s a shame they don’t make the phones as well as they make the chargers.

    • I have a crate full of chargers. It’s strange though that I can never find the right charger for something. If the charger gives the correct voltage the plug is always the wrong size, and vice versa.

    • grrr – it didn’t render my [pedant] … [/pedant] tags.
      (probably being pedantic about not rendering invalid html tags)

    • Yes. I know, I know. I knew when I wrote it that some pedant would break surface. I stick with the 21st for equinoxes and solstices simply because it’s easier and it’s because it was what I was taught in school [before pedants were invented]. It saves having to look up sunsets and sun rises every time.

  2. I think the closest we came to an even division (12 hours) of sunrise and sunset was on Saturday 18th. This sort of thing varies – something to do with the Precession of the Equinoxes, whatever that is/those are.
    ‘Type C’, I’m told, is to be the new E.U. standard.

    • ‘Type C’, I’m told, is to be the new E.U. standard.. Fuck! That means more cables and plugs. Before yesterday I had never even heard of a “Type C”.

      • I was looking for the cartoon about USB connectors (original Type A) being tristate. Plug it in one way – doesn’t fit. Rotate 180 – doesn’t fit. Rotate 180 again – result!
        Thought it was xkcd, but all I found was (still appropriate).

        Anyway, with your new 4G/5G you will be eligible for EMERGENCY ALERTS from your Dear Government. These, the bastard progeny of IEC standards writers and World Government paymasters will be able to turn “your” phone into a Banshee Howling Alert of Doom device at their bidding for ten minutes and on their whim. And you won’t then be able to use “your phone” as a phone until you’ve pressed “acknowledge”. They like to know that you comply 🙂

        Test tryout coming to Blighty 23rd next month (St George’ s day & Shakespeare’s Birthday FFS), no doubt Ireland will be close behind (or even closer if Herr Dr Schwabb says so).

        You think I’m kidding?…

        • Spooky that – within days of agreeing to send depleted uranium ammunition to Ukraine, the UK Government suddenly finds it necessary to implement a nationwide citizen warning system, it’s almost as if they anticipate that nice Mr Putin may start lobbing undepleted nuclear munitions our way anytime soon . . . . . or maybe it’s just coincidence?

        • Don’t worry. The Irish gubmint will have to wade through loads of committees, expert reviews and expensive consultations before they ever bring in an alert system. But I have already discovered where to switch off all alerts!

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