Sitting on a fortune — 6 Comments

  1. Leave those devices to the grandkids. By the time they retire hard telling what they may be worth. Possibly double or even triple in current market value.

  2. “It looks like I’ll have to hold onto them for another couple of hundred years”

    And they’ll probably still work in 200 years time!

  3. When I started working in quantity surveying, an electronic calculator was invaluable in having to deal with the millions of duodecimals in squaring and cubing etc, which formed the basis of the material quants in any building!

    We had two desk-top calculators like this one, and they each cost roughly the same as a Mini van back then!

    They were easy to use and great fun if you wanted to press all the numbers in a certain configuration, which prompted some sort of count-down – or count-up, then go off for lunch and take bets on what the number would be when we got back!

    • Those were the days where you had to get management permission to invest in a calculator. Now anyone who has a mobile phone has one [and you can use it to make pahe calls, unlike the desktop ones…]

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